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Banana Nut Bread by Wicked Good Perfume

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Fulfilled by our friends at Wicked Good Perfume

Banana Nut Bread envelops you in the warm, comforting embrace of a beloved homemade treat. This scent is a delectable tribute to the timeless tradition of baking, evoking memories of a cozy kitchen and the loving hands that turn simple ingredients into something magical.

The origins of banana bread can be traced back to the 1930s, a delightful invention that transformed overripe bananas into a scrumptious staple. Today, it remains a symbol of resourcefulness and homely comfort, with each family boasting their own special twist on the classic recipe. 

The fragrance begins with the lush, ripe aroma of bananas, their creamy sweetness setting the tone for a mouthwatering sensory experience. This top note is like peeling back the skin of a perfectly ripe banana, its fragrance instantly filling the air.

Following this is a heart of nutty walnut and a rich, buttery accord. The walnut adds a subtle, earthy depth to the scent, while the butter brings a smooth, indulgent richness. This middle note is like the moment when the batter, rich and golden, is lovingly poured into the baking pan.

The base of the fragrance is a sweet blend of cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla. The cinnamon adds a gentle, spicy warmth, while the sugar and vanilla infuse the scent with a comforting sweetness. This base note is like the final, delicious product emerging from the oven – a golden-brown loaf of banana nut bread, its aroma so enticing it's even better than Starbucks' recipe.

Banana Nut Bread take you on a journey to the heart of the home, a reminder of the simple joys of baking and the pleasure of a freshly baked treat.

- Top: Banana
- Middle: Walnut, Butter
- Bottom: Cinnamon, Sugar, Vanilla

Wicked Good Perfume Banana Nut Bread by Wicked Good Perfume
Banana Nut Bread by Wicked Good Perfume Sale price$ 145.00