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Lavender + Sage by Wicked Good Perfume

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Fulfilled by our friends at Wicked Good Perfume

Clear your energy and lift your spirits with Wicked Good sacred Lavender + Sage smudge spray. Smudging can help combat negativity, clear the energy in your field; and help you start anew. 

Wicked Good's White Sage + Lavender smudge spray is a unique blend crafted with three distinct types of lavender: French, Spanish, and English. Each variety brings its own unique properties to the mix, creating a rich, multifaceted aroma.

The French lavender adds a classic, floral elegance; the Spanish variety introduces a sharper, more herbaceous note; and the English lavender offers a softer, sweeter scent. Combined with the purifying essence of white sage, this spray is a powerful tool for clearing negative energy and uplifting spirits. It's perfect for those moments when traditional smudging isn't feasible, providing an instant, smokeless way to refresh your surroundings and rejuvenate your mind. This spray is not just a simple fragrance; it's an everyday magic to cleanse, restore, and invigorate your personal space. 

Notes: French Lavender, Spanish Lavender, English Lavender, Lime, White Sage, Fern Leaves, Dill, Pepper, Moss, Ginger, Pine Needles, Patchouli

Wicked Good Perfume Lavender + Sage by Wicked Good Perfume
Lavender + Sage by Wicked Good Perfume Sale price€7,95