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Pizza by Wicked Good Perfume

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Fulfilled by our friends at Wicked Good Perfume

Pizza fragrance  captures the essence of a freshly baked pie straight from a brick oven, a scent designed for those with adventurous tastes and a love for one of the world's most beloved foods. This unique and mouth watering aroma turns the act of wearing perfume into a playful, appetizing experience.

The fragrance opens with the aromatic notes of garlic and oregano, evoking the zesty, herb-infused aroma that wafts from a pizza as it's pulled from the oven. These top notes are vibrant and inviting, setting the stage for a culinary olfactory adventure.

The heart of the scent is rich with the juicy, tangy essence of tomato, paired with the distinctive aroma of melted mozzarella cheese. This combination perfectly captures the heart of a pizza, with the cheese's creamy richness complementing the bright acidity of the tomatoes.

In the base, the savory note of pepperoni adds a spicy, meaty depth, while the doughy crust brings a warm, comforting finish. This base rounds out the fragrance, creating a well-balanced, authentic pizza scent.

Wicked Good Pizza started as a playful concept for National Pizza Day but has evolved into a real, limited-edition perfume. It's a fragrance that's as unique and enjoyable as the dish it's inspired by.

- Top: Garlic, Oregano
- Middle: Tomato, Mozzarella Cheese
- Base: Pepperoni, Doughy Crust

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Wicked Good Perfume Pizza by Wicked Good Perfume
Pizza by Wicked Good Perfume Sale price€7,95