The Case for the Ruffle

You know how in the natural world there aren't many straight lines?
Sōjō Ruffle Skirt
Straight lines are pure expediency--to get there fast, no frills attached. Maybe those straight lines you do see in nature are nature's way of getting to the point--winter trees and bamboo spikes yearning for the sun, cactus thorns and fan palm fronds standing up and reaching out to receive moisture from the air.

But mostly nature is not in a hurry to get anywhere--rolling hillsides, rivers meandering to the sea, curled flower buds, the rings that mark the passage of time in the trunks of trees. Nature is all about the journey, not the destination, and the ride is curved and curled like a breaking wave or a breaching whale. The horizon is not flat, as once upon a time it was thought to just appears that way.

Wearing Marigold Shadows projects the subtle nature of who you really are--elusive and lovely--comfortable in black, but never ordinary.

So, be all business in a power red or navy suit on Monday, but for those times when you feel and sense the contours of your life...let the wind billow through the fabric of your clothes...and chose clothes with ruffles....because sometimes enjoying the ride IS the goal...and you'll certainly have a lot more fun than straight lining to get there fastest.

Ruffle your feathers wearing these items:

Ruffle collar and sleeves in the Purītsu Ruffle Collar Dress.
    Purītsu Ruffle Collar Dress
    Ruffle and twirl your whole self in the Kirika O-Neck Ruffles Split Dress or the recently back-in-stock Abrams Ruffle Dress in army green or black. 
    Kirika O-Neck Ruffles Split Dress
    Abrams Ruffle Dress - Army Green
    There's nothing symmetrical or straight line about you in the cotton/poly Sōjō Ruffle Skirt.
    Sōjō Ruffle Skirt

    Twirl around the ruffled bottom of the Toshihiro V-collar Layered Button Sweater.
    Toshihiro V-collar Layered Button Sweater

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