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Article: Stylish Ruffles from Marigold Shadows

Stylish Ruffles from Marigold Shadows

Stylish Ruffles from Marigold Shadows

Monochrome extravaganza, the not-so-run-of-the-mill statement pieces are the defining features at Marigold Shadows. As much as it is true that the label is a haven for dark taste and gothic styles, the brand has pieces that are inclusive to any style statement.

As we move to end of the spring season and approach summer, the items at Marigold Shadows that could just make your spring-summer style statement insta-ready and unique are the RUFFLES. The diversity and inclusivity that the ruffled pieces offer from edgy to feminine; boho-chic to rocker-chic & from streetwear statement to business casual is just the tweak that your wardrobes need.

Pleated wrist cuffs to perk up any outfit.

        Zend Pleated Wrist Cuffs

The Zend Pleated Cuffs could give any plain Jane outfit the much-needed oomph factor. This accessory gives an edge to boring blazers for a chic work look or can be snapped on with tops and blouses to give definition to your outfit. These ruffled cuffs with your staple leather jackets are the stuff of gothic dreams seriously. The options are endless for this great accessory. Not to mention that this styling accessory is making rounds on Instagram, & rightly so.


The belted half skirt - for the boho chic and goth queens.

        Allen Chiffon Belted Half Skirt

When you are adding statement pieces to your wardrobe it is wise to opt for pieces that are inclusive, multipurpose and gives a whole outfit something EXTRA. This Allen chiffon half skirt is that piece, pair it up with pants for the perfect street style statement or with a dress floral & even over a full skirt for a layered look. The skirt belt promises to add ease and flow to outfit, you can't go wrong with it.


Do ruffles big or go home.

  Alvarez Asymmetrical Ruffle Dress - White

Spring-summer is the perfect season to for breezy effortless chic looks, & what looks more flowy and breezy than this Alvarez Asymmetrical Ruffle Dress that shows just the right hint of skin, shoulder ties and ruffle extravaganza screams trendy. As they say, no ruffle is too much ruffle, which is the case with this trendy dress. So, when you are jumping the ruffle bandwagon our suggestion is to go all out and bold, don’t be afraid to experiment. Dress it up for a night out with heels and statement jewelry & twirl away or pair it up with a blouse and sneakers for a casual day out to stroll around town making a bold fashion statement.


Breezy summer dresses with ruffles galore.


Nothing says summer until the dresses come out sashay-ing & twirling & these ruffled pieces from Marigold shadows with the right amount of added ruffles screams summer. The great variety of options with the dresses are an addition to any wardrobe since “ you can never have too many dresses” are easy and practical. Just throw it on and accessorize to your liking and you are good to go. Khaki, monochromes, spring shades, polka dots, and stripes - the label promises something for everyone. What’s great is the addition of bows & tie-ins in the right pieces which is the trendiest design element this season.


Streetwear style is so not done without the skirts


Can you imagine a spring-summer wardrobe with no skirts? We can’t either. So every wardrobe needs a good skirt collection devoid of the season we’re in. Skirts in all shapes and form have become a staple appearance in the street style scene. Go through your insta feed to witness the omnipresent skirt gala from the street style influencers. The label offers hands down the best skirt pieces in monochromes that gives a freedom to style them according to personal taste and style statement. From layered to ruffled to trendy tie-in skirt pieces, you are covered for all your summer events, be it Coachella, music festivals or just a romantic date.


Ruffles & work chic should not be strangers.




Who says, work clothes have to be boring and sad. To be honest, whether you are working a 9 - 5 job, a startup owner, a freelancer or hold any occupation under the sun your appearance and style statement plays an important role in creating your persona as it is an extension of your personality. There’s nothing wrong or faux-pas in breaking the monotony of traditional work appropriate clothes with our ruffle pieces. Upscale your traditional work wardrobe with the right mix of pieces from this label. The options are above and beyond, pair the navy ruffled pants with a crisp white shirt or a dark navy, go for ruffled blouses and tops with pencil skirts for volume on top and slimming waist to enhance your figure. Throw on the brown vest with lace ruffles for a perfect play on hard & soft look over a plain black outfit to make a serious style statement.


To a great ruffle-y addition

It is true that for at time ruffles do seem to intimidate people but nobody can deny that when they are done the right way and styled the right way they just elevate the whole outfit and make a perfect style statement. It is essential to incorporate these pieces with subtlety and an eye for detail. The statement items at Marigold shadows provides their customer base, a hassle-free ruffle inclusive style that can be worn as it is or could be styled with personalized touches for a personal expression of their style.

In a world full of Zara & H&M's the style expression that Marigold Shadows explores is applaud-worthy and affordable since the label promises ease and luxury with a hint of avant-garde feel in their pieces that stand apart from their designs from their peers. The dark monochromes, loose fit dresses, play on hard & soft elements, perfect addition of sheer designs are on trend and promises an exclusive style experience that is not too commercialized. Last but not least since we are living in insta driven world these pieces add the right details when photographed, so snap away in these trendy pieces.

So ruffle up your style this season with Marigold Shadows statement pieces and a fresh zing to your wardrobe! 

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