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Article: Ruffled Pieces Your Wardrobe Needs right now!

Marigold Shadows- Tamper Bikini

Ruffled Pieces Your Wardrobe Needs right now!

If there’s a fashion element that has the power to be easily reinvented, it is the ruffle. After all, it wouldn’t have survived the olden days (yes, those Renaissance collars all those generations ago!) if it wasn’t fluid and versatile enough to incorporated in daily wear, no matter the time period. So if you’re one of those ladies who has pushed ruffled ensembles to the bottom part of your styles-to-try list, we say it’s time to give it another shot.

Let’s face it, we have at least one frilly item in our closet. Some had their share of this element from their grade school playdates, while others still wear their ruffles on their dresses for a weekend bar hop. So what’s up with this polarity? Lucky for us, Marigold Shadows has the collection that strikes the perfect balance between feminine and edgy with its selection of apparel all lined with ruffles of all shapes and sizes.

PLUS, we can all enjoy 20% OFF on ALL their items with ruffles starting May 6! Talk about perfect timing! Ahead are 6 of the MANY stylish and highly-wearable pieces from Marigold Shadows to get you started.

1. Zend Pleated Wrist Cuff



    Here’s a chic way you can switch up your all your clothes with long sleeves. Try on the Zend Pleated Wrist Cuff with your sweater dress or button down for an instant classy appeal. Comes in pairs of blue, black, and white (you can easily get all three with the 20% OFF!).


    2. Allen Chiffon Belted Half Skirt


    Looking for a unique piece to add to your rotation? Add this Allen Chiffon Belted Half Skirt to your cart for a dash of pleated sheer beauty to your otherwise plain look. Match with skinny jeans or bike shorts for an off-the-runway vibe.


    3. Basinski Big Bottom Maxi

    Every now and then we are on the lookout for that one dress to shock and delight us at the Same time. Make that statement piece the Basinski Big Bottom Maxi. This dress has all the details we love in the go-to Sunday dress: sensible sleeves, decorative bows, and pleats with added volume and length. It is great to wear with your loudest flat boots or heels, too!


    4. Alvarez Asymmetrical Ruffle Dress

    No list about ruffles will be complete without the cascading ruffle, the quintessential ruffle finish. Count on Marigold Shadows to perfect the frill overflow and make it fashion as in the Alvares Asymmetrical Ruffle Dress that can be your LBD alternative (also comes in white). 


    5. Puritsu Ruffle Collar Dress

    Going on a first date? Hosting a brunch? You can’t go wrong with the Puritsu Ruffle Collar Dress. It has a great dash of elegance perfect for those on the hunt for highly fashionable work-to-weekend clothing.


    6. Tamper Ruffle Bikini



    It's time to prepare for summer. So after you’ve added to cart all the ruffled clothes tops, dresses, and bottoms you loved, do not miss Marigold Shadow’s selection of Tamper Ruffle Bikini which comes in ten various colors.


    Make the most out of this sale and start rocking ruffles in the weeks to come!


    For more Marigold Shadows, visit, like and follow at, on Instagram @marigold_shadows, and on twitter @MarigoldShadows

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