Ready to ruffle some feathers?

When it comes to true, original style, it’s all about the small details. That’s why we’re obsessing over all things ruffles this season. From a subtle pin tuck to a full-on pleated dress, ruffles and their fashion counterparts pack a major punch to any outfit.

What’s so special about ruffles? Two words: texture and dimension. Let’s face it…flat, plain clothes can be, well, boring. Adding some needed surface interest gives your clothing character. So whether you’re looking for drama, edge, romance, or eccentricity, ruffles are the perfect choice. Here’s some of the ruffled pieces we’re loving and how to pull off this must-have look.

Statement shirts:

Tap into your inner Juliet with a true statement shirt complete with ruffles galore. No more boring button downs for you! Trust us, your office wardrobe has never looked so good. Try a ruffle sleeve blouse that is the perfect mix of feminine rebel. Pair it with our favorite skinnies for a sleek look that screams #girlboss.

Rantan Sleeve Blouse


Bilha Ruffle Blouse - White


Dress to impress:

Every woman needs a little black dress, so why not make it a true stunner. Ruffles are the ideal complement to a black dress—timeless and classic—but far from dull. Life is a party, you might as well dress like it! Ruffles elevate your black dress to the next level by adding visual interest and making you stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s a ruffled neckline, ruffled hem, or an all-over ruffled dress, your chic factor will hit an all-time high.

Alvarez Asymmetrical Ruffle Dress


Luxury in the details:

Want to take baby steps into this trend? No problem. Ruffles can still make a major impact even in small doses. Take, for example, our bestselling pleated snap-on cuffs. Simply pop them on to transform any outfit instantly. Talk about a striking boost! Or what about using playful ruffles in your swimwear? Our shirred bikinis are covered in mini ruffles, giving you the texture you crave this season.


Zend Pleated Wrist Cuff


Tamper Ruffle Bikini - Olive


All in all, this essential trend is not only easy to pull off, but can be completely personalized to fit your individual style. Choose the degree of ruffle that you’re comfortable with—from subtle to loud, demure to daring—for a look that’s completely your own. Why blend in when you can stand out? That’s the essence behind the ruffle trend. Shop our collection of ruffled treasures for an innovative look that’s sure to turn heads. 

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