How to Wear Ruffles for Every Occasion

Watch out, babes: there’s a new trend in town. And guess what? It’s just as pretty as it is feminine.

That said, don’t be fooled. There are ways you can use ruffles to put a stamp of attitude on practically any outfit.

Whether you’re popping to a local store or heading to a work conference, read on for how to wear ruffles for every occasion. FYI, wallflowers need not apply.


For Casual Affairs

Running errands or leaving the house for breakfast with your mom? Add a touch of sass to your look with a small ruffle detailing or two.

For instance, this Rosy Ruffle Hoodie Dress is a great option for busy minimalists who just want to throw something on in a hurry. Featuring subtle sleeve and hem ruffles, it creates a flawless casual outfit when paired with colorful sneakers or neutral boots and a grab-and-go handbag.

Rosy Ruffle Hoodie Dress       Rosy Ruffle Hoodie Dress


Alternatively, if the weather is warm, you might want to show a little more flesh with these Neems Asymmetrical Shorts featuring a gorgeous one-sided ruffled hem. In addition to being incredibly comfy, they look super cute when worn high waisted with a plain tee tucked in, sneakers, and understated accessories.

          Neems Asymmetrical Shorts        Neems Asymmetrical Shorts


For Smart Casual Occasions

Want to amp up the drama? Try a standout piece with a bigger fabric enhancement that will undoubtedly have you looking ravishing in ruffles.

Atla Domino Ruffle Dress       Atla Domino Ruffle Dress

For example, this Atla Domino Ruffle Dress nods to the sixties with its white circle print and makes a serious style statement, no questions asked.

And a bonus? It can take you from day to night in a fashion heartbeat. Merely swap your flats for heeled sandals and your relaxed tote handbag for a dressy shoulder bag to complete your smart casual look.

Not a fan of a one-piece? Not to worry—this Bilha Ruffle Blouse in white (or black) is just as versatile and can produce a multitude of fun outfits.


Bilha Ruffle Blouse - White Bilha Ruffle Blouse - White

Just dress it up with tailored pants, block heel sandals, and glitzy jewelry for a girls’ night on the town. Otherwise, you can dress this stunning shirt down with a pinafore dress, pantyhose, and striking knee-high boots for a date night or darling brunch.

For the Office Look

If you’ve got a busy day in the office or you’re tied up in important off-site meetings, prominent yet professional ruffles will help you feel, look, and act your best self.

Try this Purītsu Ruffle Collar Dress on for size. Its ultra-modern ruffle collar and white frilly sleeves show just how much you mean business. The contrasting black and white detailing also screams chic sophistication when paired with pantyhose and black patent boots or flats.

Purītsu Ruffle Collar Dress
Purītsu Ruffle Collar Dress


Is it always cold in the office? Need a captivating cover-up? This Toshihiro V-Collar Layered Button Sweater is ideal for adding interest to a plain shift dress or a neutral shirt and pencil skirt combination.

  Toshihiro V-Collar Layered Button Sweater  Toshihiro V-Collar Layered Button Sweater

Additionally, you can coordinate the white ruffled hem with white brogues or a white handbag for a fresh, fashion-forward update on traditional work attire.


For Formal Events 

Need to put your best foot forward at your friend’s wedding or the company’s annual black-tie affair? Consider championing elegant ruffles that are charismatic yet demure—and you’re guaranteed to turn heads.

 For instance, this Alvarez Asymmetrical Ruffle Dress in black (or white) is just the right amount of puffy and ruffly for a special occasion. Wear it with embellished silver sandals and a sequin clutch to channel contemporary glam.

  Alvarez Asymmetrical Ruffle Dress - Black    Alvarez Asymmetrical Ruffle Dress - Black


Alternatively, you could try the Aygi Shoulder Bow Dress in blue for a touch of flirty femininity. The oversized bows and ruffled hem look extravagantly cool without being too overpowering. Simply team this dress with black satin heeled court shoes and matching clutch to pop against a clear blue sky.

      Aygi Shoulder Bow Dress        Aygi Shoulder Bow Dress



Don’t Be Afraid to Ruffle It Up

Needless to say, rocking ruffles isn’t for faint-hearted fashionistas. However, if you match this enchanting detailing to the occasion, experiment with what compliments your body shape, and use it to reflect your personality, then you might just find that you enjoy regularly getting your ruffle on.

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